Daniel Alan Jones

Daniel Alan Jones is an investigative reporter for The Vortex, a show that explores the mysteries of the world and beyond. He has been researching unexplained phenomena for over a decade and has visited strange sites, conducted numerous interviews, and provided media coverage for several events. Daniel considers his contributions within the communities involved with the quest to understand the unknown work of anthropology and he manages online groups including the Texas UFO Network and the Texas Cryptozoology Network. Daniel took part in the 2021 Trinity Giant Salamander Expedition, led by world-renowned cryptozoologist Ken Gerhard, in search of an elusive cryptid purported to exist in the Pacific Northwest while also visiting the Patterson-Gimlin film site in Bluff Creek, California. He is also a native Texan and professional drummer as well as a private music instructor in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Daniel’s work has appeared on a variety of media platforms including Spectrum News, the Star-Telegram, Bigfoot Times, Fox News, and he has been a featured guest at many events including Alien Con, the Edinburg UFO Conference, Starworks Conference with Jaqcues Vallee, the Texas Paranormal Unity Fest, Bigfoot Roadshow, MUFON groups, the Texas UFO Convention, and others. His new book “Aurora” chronicles over a century of history about UFO sightings and alien encounters going back to a Texas legend from 1897!