Jonathan Dover

Jonathan Dover is a veteran law enforcement officer. He has worked with the City of Winslow Arizona Police Department, The National Park Service, Navajo Nation Historic Preservation Department, and the Navajo Nation Rangers. He retired from active duty as a Ranger Lieutenant in 2011 after 31 years. Jonathan Dover attended the 6 month Navajo Nation Police Academy and graduated with the Academic Achievement award, the Markmenship Award, and the Outstanding Cadet Award. He has further trained at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Criminal Investigations. Jonathan Dover has over 4,000 hours of law enforcement and weapons training.

The Navajo Nation Rangers are tasked with natural resource law enforcement in the areas of Forestry, Fish and Wildlife, Mines, Minerals, Parks and Recreation and scenic areas, Archaeology, Cultural resources, Agriculture, Police work, and Search and Rescue.

Jonathan Dover was a specialist in Archaeological Resource crimes and was trained as a licensed Emergency Medical Technician, SWAT tactical operations, Hazardous materials operational first responder, Search and Rescue, Technical Accident Investigation, Computer Forensics, and was an instructor in Federal Police Firearms training and high angle technical rescue. He was the Co-commander of the Ranger Tactical Team and an adjunct firearms instructor for several classes at Gunsite Academy.

During his work on Navajo Nation lands, along with his regular duties, he along with Sergeant Stanley Milford Jr. were assigned over a period of 11 Years to officially investigate and document significant cases involving Bigfoot, Hauntings, UFO’s, and Navajo witchcraft.

Jonathan Dover on his off-time dances at Native American Pow Wows, and in the Apache Tribe of Oklahoma Blackfoot Society. He plays guitar and is a Fly Fisherman.