Kelly Chase

Kelly Chase is an author, podcaster, ufo researcher, and media consultant. She is the host of The UFO Rabbit Hole Podcast: a project aimed at providing a rational, structured, science-based on-ramp to the UFO phenomenon that is grounded enough for skeptics, accessible enough for newbs, and meticulously researched enough for the most battle-hardened ufologists. It its first year, The UFO Rabbit Hole Podcast was ranked in 96 countries, and was in the top 1% most followed and top 5% most shared podcasts in the world on Spotify.

Kelly is also the author of The UFO Rabbit Hole Book Series, book one of which was released in November 2022, and book two of which will released in June 2023. She helped to organize the first ever Ohio UFO Heritage Conference at the historic Hope Hotel at Wright Patterson Air Force Base. She has also served as a co-host for the Inquiry Into Anomalous Experiences & The Phenomenon conference series in New York City.

Before dedicating herself full-time to ufology in 2023, Kelly built her career as a branding and marketing expert. She is passionate about leveraging her skills and expertise to support the UFO disclosure movement and all of those engaged in the important work of driving forward our understanding of who we are as a species and where we fit in the great cosmic order of things.