Shane Frakes

Decorated Combat Veteran with a passion for raising awareness about mental health, addiction, and Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP). Creative Director for UAP Medical Coalition, Contributor to the Roswell Daily Record, Host/Producer of the Roswell UFO Symposium, Co-Host Of Military Witness to UAP, Co-Host/Producer for Mind escape podcast, and Twitter space host of “OldVets UFO Symposium.

After completing three tours in the United States Air Force between 2001-2010, I faced significant challenges, including mental illness, addiction, and homelessness. However, in 2017, I started my journey toward recovery with the help of the Wounded Warrior Project and my family.

In 2020, I began experiencing sightings of UAP and have been actively recording and studying them ever since. Despite initial struggles to find mental health support to take my claims seriously, I persevered and continue to raise awareness about the psychological and emotional impact of such experiences.

Through my advocacy, speaking engagements, and various media platforms, I aim to inspire others to take action toward creating a more supportive and understanding society, as well as promote education about the intersections of mental illness, addiction, and UAP.