Stanley Milford Jr

Stanley Milford Jr. – Bio – 2023

Stanley Milford Jr. spent most of his childhood growing up between rural Oklahoma and the Navajo Reservation. He lived and went to school in Oklahoma, but would spend many summers on the Navajo Reservation in Arizona. He graduated High School in Oklahoma and later graduated from Haskell Indian Junior College located in Kansas. Stan also attended Fort Lewis College in Colorado and the University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona. It was while he was at Tucson that he was asked to come back to the Navajo Nation and work as a Navajo Ranger. Stan graduated the United States Indian Police Academy (IPA) at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) in Artesia, New Mexico and then worked continuously as a sworn law enforcement Ranger for over twenty-three (23) years.
Stan served as a Ranger Recruit, a Ranger and Ranger Sergeant. It was while working as a Sergeant he worked directly with the Chief Ranger in the command section of the department. Stan later served as the Delegated Chief Navajo Ranger for over two (2) years, through March of 2019. Stan served as a department firearm instructor, Team Leader for the Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team charged to oversee all special operations. He was also commissioned as a Navajo Police Officer to work as a team member with the Navajo Police’s Drug and Gang Task Force.
One of Stan’s unique responsibilities was overseeing a section called the “Special Projects Unit (SPU)”. It was within this section that Stan worked with Jonathan Dover (Ret. Lieutenant). This section’s primary role was managing cases and projects that were deemed critical, sensitive or high profile in nature. These cases could be anything from high priority investigations, dignitary protection, high risk detail, SWAT or other emergency operations. One of the responsibilities of that unit was the investigation of cases that did not fit within everyday parameters of law enforcement or criminal investigation. Enter the “paranormal or supernatural” i.e. cases involving Bigfoot, UFOs, Extraterrestrials, witchcraft, skinwalkers, ghosts and hauntings. It should be known that these cases were about 1% of the total of cases that were investigated by the SPU each year.
In 2021 Stan decided he needed a change, he had served over twenty-three years as a Navajo Ranger and he had accomplished what he had originally set out to do in law enforcement.
Today, Stan and Jon Dover continue to assist each other with some paranormal related cases, all of which are now outside the official law enforcement capacity and on their own time.
It must be noted that most of the “paranormal” cases referenced were primarily from a specific timeframe that spanned a little over 11 or so years, approximately 1998 – 2010. Some of these incidents are also from first hand personal experiences of both Stan and Jon.
Although most of these cases occurred many, many years ago now, rest assured they will not be easily forgotten.