UFOXPO weekend is here

By Toby Martinez
and Shane Frakes
Roswell Daily Record

The Roswell Convention Center is abuzz with excitement today as the much-anticipated UFOXPO kicks off. With a plethora of activities planned, the event promises to be out of this world for visitors looking to explore the topic of UFOs.

Thom Reed, founder of the event said, “The truth is, I think my late father who advocated for his family’s Berkshire UFO incident before the United Nations would have been very happy and proud to have his family and their incident honored in the city of Roswell.” Reed will be speaking about his family’s event on Saturday at 4:30 p.m.

Running through Sunday, the UFOXPO will feature live music, celebrity guests, cosplay, and a film festival. Visitors can look forward to a jam-packed schedule of events, including talks by renowned personalities from the TV industry.

Ben Hansen, Travis Walton, Marc D’Antonio, Melissa Tittl and Mike Bara are some of the well-known personalities who will be speaking in person at the event. Numerous other experts will be presenting virtually, ensuring visitors receive insights and information from the top names in the industry.

This year’s UFOXPO is sure to be a hit among enthusiasts and novices alike. With the recent trend of UFO sightings and increasing public interest in extraterrestrial life, the event offers a unique opportunity to explore the latest developments in the field.

A packed film festival lineup includes the world premiere of the documentary “As Within So Without: From UFOs to DMT.” Executive Producer Mike Mazzei said about the film, “We set out to make a documentary about experiencers and the metaphysics behind these experiences and how altered states of consciousness factor into the equation and we believe we accomplished that.”

Other films showing include “Moment of Contact: The Roswell of Brazil,” “A Tear in the Sky,” “In Plain Sight: The Intelligence Community” and “UFOs, Alien Abductions: Answers, Bridge Water Triangle, and Code 12.” Question and answer sessions with a film’s director following most films.

“The UFOXPO is more of a personal and boutique experience than some of the larger conferences out there. This is a first-time event in Roswell, with four events running under one roof for three days that will allow people to interact with people they normally wouldn’t be able to,” Reed said.

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