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By Maximo Veron and Toby Martinez Roswell Daily Record

In the vast territory of San Juan Province, Argentina, on a dark night of June 12, 1978, an extraordinary event unfolded. A phenomenon involving a UFO, a train station chief, police forces, and the military would go down in history as the enigmatic “Ramblón Case.” Years later, a team of investigators, led by Jorge Perez, has shed light on this decades-long hidden occurrence.

We spoke with Jorge Perez, an unwavering researcher and advocate for the declassification of UFO-related events. Together with his team, he embarked on a mission to uncover the truth behind the Ramblón Case and capture it in a documentary that has become a milestone in UFO research in Argentina.

The Ramblón Case and Its Impact on San Juan Province

Despite its historical significance, the Ramblón Case remained in obscurity due to the context of the last military dictatorship in Argentina in 1978. Jorge Perez recounted how his research team began delving into this mystery. “We began discovering things about the UFO phenomenon in the province and became curious about investigating local cases,” Perez said. Little did they know that this interest would lead them to an event that had marked his own grandfather’s life.

Juan Eduardo Páez, Jorge’s grandfather, had been present at the Ramblón station during the incident. While he was not a direct witness of the UFO, he was working at the next station, approximately 22 kilometers away. The story had been passed down through generations in the Perez family, prompting Jorge to delve deeper into this mysterious episode.

Details of the Incident

The Ramblón Case involves Felipe Onofre Orozco, the chief of El Ramblón train station in San Juan Province. Orozco witnessed an intense light that burned him with radiation while he was working in a tower. The attack caused him to fall from the tower. The object, which remained in the area for five hours, was observed by numerous witnesses, including the police and local residents.

The incident was of such magnitude that it affected the province’s power grid, disrupting radio and television broadcasts. The arrival of the police and the military added an even more mysterious dimension to the event.

The Investigation

Jorge Perez’s research team spent four years gathering testimonies and evidence. They found key witnesses, such as Osvaldo Vara, a forensic police officer who collected radiation evidence on clothing and photographs that displayed a strange greenish glow. According to Vara, this evidence was sent to the United States.

Sergio Soso, the son of the man who was supposed to replace Orozco in his duties, also shared revealing details, including the involvement of the military and communication among soldiers about the object’s position. Fighter jets chasing the UFO were even mentioned.

The Documentary

The investigation culminated in the documentary “1978: The Ramblon Case,” shedding light on this mysterious event. The documentary was presented at the Roswell Daily Record Film Festival and is ready for release on streaming platforms. This project not only reveals the truth behind the Ramblón Case but also emphasizes the importance of investigating such phenomena and the need to declassify sensitive information.

The Ramblón Case remains an enigma, but thanks to individuals like Jorge Perez and his research team, the truth is coming to light, gradually unveiling the mystery. This event serves as a reminder that the quest for truth is an ongoing journey that never truly ends.

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