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Jaime Maussan talks UAP and non-human entities

In an exclusive interview with the Roswell Daily Record, researcher Jaime Maussan discussed the hearing in the Mexican Chamber of Representatives on Sept. 12 and the global uproar that ensued after the presentation of alleged non-human biological entities. Maussan made strong claims about what he believes could be the possible origin of these beings and also issued a warning, “Those who claim I have committed fraud will see me in court.”

The path to the Chamber of Representatives hearing

Maussan explained that his involvement in the Mexican Chamber of Representatives hearing stemmed from the public hearing held in the United States on May 17, 2022, regarding Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP). During that time, Maussan got in touch with Rep. Sergio Gutiérrez Luna, who was presiding over the Mexican Chamber. After a year of collaboration and consultations, they managed to introduce the term “Anomalous Unidentified Phenomenon” (FANI in Spanish) into Mexican legislation, a subtle yet significant modification to address objects that traverse various mediums, from the atmosphere to the depths of the sea.

The public hearing proposed by Maussan included testimonies from pilots, air traffic controllers, and international experts to support the legislative modification and presentation of the alleged non-human entities. The decision to present these entities was based on six years of research, DNA analysis and other studies conducted in the United States that would purportedly confirm their authenticity, according to Maussan.

“So, I always asked Rep. Luna about the possibility of presenting these bodies that we had been investigating continuously for six years and we are convinced of their authenticity. They were presented with the testimony of experts and also with the DNA results and the fact that they are in a database in the United States where anyone can read them. That is where we are and that is why we decided to present them in addition to three-dimensional images of the bodies and especially the implants they have inside,” Maussan explained. “When Rep. Luna saw this and spoke to the experts, he gave me the green light and we presented it and that’s how it happened.”

Conflict with the National Autonomous University of Mexico

During the interview, Maussan expressed his frustration with the National Autonomous University of Mexico and the Ministry of Culture of Peru, who questioned the authenticity of the entities. “There is going to be another hearing, but we hope that by that second hearing, we already have the results, the National University of Mexico has been asked to investigate the case because they are basing their disqualification of the case and like most of the scientists on the report of the Ministry of Culture of Peru,” Maussan said.

Maussan argued that the Ministry of Culture based its verdict on research related to different entities, not the ones he and his team had investigated. “Those small bodies, as we have denounced since 2017, are fake bodies, we even said it before the Ministry of Culture, the small bodies are fakes, and the larger bodies, the ones we have, are organic bodies that had life and that they walked. It seems to me that it is a very serious mistake or with all the interest of trying to discredit the case.”

Maussan announced plans to file a defamation lawsuit against the Ministry of Culture of Peru, with the hope that they would present evidence to support their claim that the entities are real.

Resistance in the scientific community

Maussan lamented the resistance of the scientific community to investigate the FANI phenomenon and the entities in question. He pointed out that, despite requesting an investigation in Congress, many scientists have been reluctant to participate. Maussan attributed this to a bias against the possibility of physical evidence of non-terrestrial beings in our world.

“What we requested in Congress was that the case be investigated. But it seems like nothing matters, right? I mean, it seems to me that unfortunately, scientists have behaved in a very unprofessional manner in general terms here in Mexico,” he said.

The researcher also criticized scientists who make claims based on speculations without solid evidence, such as the idea that extraterrestrials couldn’t have DNA similar to ours due to differences in the chemical elements available on other planets.

The future of the FANI phenomenon

Maussan expressed his belief in a change of agenda regarding the FANI phenomenon, as reports of sightings have significantly increased. However, he doubted that the Pentagon would be willing to reveal wreckage of spacecraft and entities in its possession, such as those from Roswell and other locations. He insisted on the need for the participation of honest scientists to solve the mystery and confirm the authenticity of the entities.

Despite facing challenges and skepticism, Maussan and his team are determined to prove the authenticity of their findings.

“The participation of scientists is necessary to clarify this mystery,” Maussan continued. “For us, it is solved. We are convinced that it is true, it is real, but the immediate reaction was to accept anything that proves otherwise. In fact, it has been difficult for scientists to want to get involved with this case, very complicated, very unfortunate, because well we are talking of is a very important case, which would reveal that we were being visited.”