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Jorge Luis Sucksdorf: The documentalist of Latin America’s Mysteries

By Maximo Veron and Toby Martinez Roswell Daily Record

Roswell, New Mexico – Jorge Luis Sucksdorf, an Argentine documentarian, has made his mark in the world of mystery documentary production over the past two decades. With dozens of documentaries created for prestigious international networks like History and A&E, Sucksdorf is renowned for his ability to explore and narrate the mysteries surrounding our world. In an exclusive interview with the Roswell Daily Record, he shared his captivating perspective on documentary production in Latin America and recounted his most impactful experiences, including his visit to Roswell during last July’s Ufo Fest.

Elite Witnesses: Sucksdorf’s Focus

One of the most intriguing aspects of Sucksdorf’s career is his fascination with what he calls “elite witnesses.” These are individuals whose professions allow them to observe and analyze the sky uniquely, such as airplane pilots, astronauts, astronomers, weather experts, and radar controllers. Sucksdorf contends that when someone with such specialized training and experience reports having seen something unexplainable in the sky, special attention must be paid to these cases.

Among the Latin American cases that have particularly fascinated him is one from 1995 in the city of Bariloche, Argentina. In this incident, a passenger plane about to land encountered a mysterious light in its flight path. The pilot, Jorge Polanco, and other witnesses, including the radar controller and airport personnel, confirmed the presence of the object. What makes this case even more intriguing is that the object accompanied the plane during its landing maneuver, and the airport’s lights suddenly went out. The object made bewildering movements and disappeared after landing.

Isla Colares: The Amazonian Mystery

Another case that has captivated Sucksdorf is the one from Isla Colares, Brazil, in 1977. In this small island of fishermen in the middle of the Amazon, reports emerged from local residents claiming to have been illuminated by mysterious lights, paralyzed, and subjected to strange experiences. Some even claimed to have been burned or had their blood drained by unknown beings. The situation became so serious that a significant portion of the population abandoned the island. The Brazilian Air Force investigated the case, and though they officially denied the existence of anomalous events, years later, declassified reports confirmed the presence of a military squad in the area and photographic evidence.

The Varginha Case: Latin America’s “Roswell”

When asked about the Latin American equivalent of the famous Roswell incident, Sucksdorf didn’t hesitate to mention the Varginha case in Brazil. In 1996, in the small city of Varginha, in the state of Minas Gerais, three young teenagers claimed to have encountered a being they described as demonic after an unidentified object crashed in the area. The military responded swiftly. An intelligence officer who participated in capturing one of the beings died under mysterious circumstances shortly after the incident. Local zoo animals also suffered unexplained deaths, adding an extra layer of mystery to the Varginha case.

Latin America and Its Mysteries to the World

During his participation in Roswell’s Ufo Fest, Sucksdorf emphasized the importance of sharing Latin American mystery stories with the world. He explained how he has worked to unite the various cultures of the region in his documentaries and highlighted the positive reception he received from the Roswell audience.

Moreover, Sucksdorf expressed his excitement at being featured on the cover of the Roswell Daily Record during his festival visit, an unexpected honor that he celebrated with joy.

The world of mystery and the unknown continues to be an endless source of fascination. Thanks to documentarians like Jorge Luis Sucksdorf, we continue to explore the mysteries that surround us, expanding our understanding of the unexplained.