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Mysterious Encounter between military and UFOs in Bahía Blanca, Argentina

BAHÍA BLANCA, Argentina — On Sept. 5, the tranquil coastal city of Blanca in Argentina became embroiled in a mystery that has left the local community baffled and raised concerns nationwide. Reports have emerged of an alleged confrontation between the military and one or more unidentified flying objects (UFOs) at the Comandante Espora Naval Air Base located on the outskirts of the city. The incident lasted approximately 23 minutes and has left the local population searching for answers.

The initial reports of the incident reached the Roswell Daily Record through a series of videos and audio recordings captured by alarmed residents. Testimonies from residents in the vicinity of the Comandante Espora Base claimed to have heard gunfire in the sky from dusk until nightfall, which initially did not raise much attention. However, the situation took a drastic turn when the base’s commander issued a statement denying any incident and asserting that it was a scheduled training exercise.

We spoke with Andrea Perez Simondini, president of the Argentine Commission for the Study of UFO Phenomena (CEFORA), who provided us with further details on what transpired.

The official denial further fueled unease, as numerous testimonies and videos shared by residents seemed to contradict this version of events. Residents, living in neighborhoods close to the base, insisted they had clearly heard the gunfire and found it impossible that the military had not heard it as well.

As more evidence accumulates in the form of security camera footage, audio recordings from eyewitnesses and statements from military personnel, the situation becomes increasingly perplexing. Additionally, reports emerged from individuals within the base claiming to have witnessed an unidentified object stationed over the munitions area and that shots were fired at it. Witnesses claim the object fired a beam in response to being shot at, resulting in injuries to several soldiers.

Unofficial accounts speak not of one but of four unidentified objects apparently strategically positioned in relation to the base. This raised the possibility that the incident was much more than a routine military exercise.

However, to date, no official source has provided conclusive details about what truly occurred at the Comandante Espora Base on Sept. 5. Authorities have denied the existence of gunfire at the base, attributing it to helicopter maneuvers. Nevertheless, no satisfactory explanation has been given to account for the testimonies and videos circulated by residents.

This incident in Bahía Blanca also evokes memories of a similar case that occurred decades ago in the same city. In 1974, the Argentine Navy established a commission to investigate reports of unidentified flying objects over the Comandante Espora Base and its surroundings. This historic case included documented observations by citizens and officials, along with the famous photograph taken by Miguel Thomé capturing a UFO in the sky. Despite these investigations, the UFO phenomenon was never officially resolved.

In the present day, the Argentine Commission for the Study of UFO Phenomena (CEFORA), established in 2011, plays a central role in the investigation. “CEFORA seeks to declassify information regarding UFO sightings in Argentina and has been working to establish links with official authorities in search of answers,” says Andrea Perez Simondini.

In 1995, then-U.S. President Bill Clinton decided to declassify secret files from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Interestingly, among the UFO cases in Argentina, there is an appearance in Bahía Blanca.

Uncertainty and the lack of official information continue to dominate this mysterious incident in Bahía Blanca. Local residents and investigators are persistently seeking evidence to substantiate the testimonies and videos in circulation. As more details are gathered, it remains to be seen whether the truth behind this alleged confrontation between the military and UFOs on the Argentine Atlantic coast will ever be revealed.