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By Maximo Veron and Toby Martinez Roswell Daily Record


Benjamín Solari Parravicini, known as the “Argentine Nostradamus,” is a name that resonates worldwide due to his astonishing predictions through psychographics. Born on August 8, 1898, in Buenos Aires, Parravicini not only left an indelible mark in the world of art but also became a mysterious prophet whose prophecies have left many perplexed.


Parravicini exhibited his exceptional artistic talent from a young age and received accolades both in Argentina and abroad. His works stood out in the salon of the Association of Friends of Art, and King Albert I of Belgium acquired one of his paintings. However, his most enigmatic facet manifested through psychography, a technique of automatic writing that led him to predict a series of globally relevant events.


One of Parravicini’s most striking predictions is related to the attacks on the Twin Towers in New York on September 11, 2001. In 1939, he wrote: “The freedom of North America will lose its light; its torch will not shine as it did yesterday, and the monument will be attacked twice.” This prophecy astonished many due to its remarkable accuracy.


But Parravicini’s predictions were not limited to recent historical events. His latest prophecies have revolved around the possible existence of extraterrestrial life and their arrival on our planet. In 1938, he published a drawing showing an object resembling a flying saucer behind lines that seemed to emulate ocean waves and other shapes resembling clouds. In the description of the image, he wrote: “Circles of light will appear flying from the heights, bringing strange beings from other planets. Yes, it will be said that they came to populate the Earth, and it will be said correctly. Yes, they will be those called angels in the Old Testament or the voice of Jehovah.”


Parravicini continued his vision in 1939 by writing: “Extraterrestrial beings will arrive on Earth once more. They will come in different spacecraft from different planets and will inhabit the mountainous craters of the Andes and southern Patagonia. They will coexist with human life, they will be seen, and they will be spoken to.”


However, his last and perhaps most intriguing prophecy dates back to 1960: “The interplanetary amphibious vessel will reveal the existence of habitable channels within the Earth. It will submerge in the South Pole and appear in the North Pole. In just moments.”


Parravicini’s psychographics have sparked both admiration and skepticism. Some firmly believe in his ability to foresee the future, while others view his predictions as mere coincidences. Regardless of one’s opinion, it is undeniable that Parravicini’s words and drawings continue to be subjects of discussion and debate, especially in a world of constant change and unresolved mysteries. The “Argentine Nostradamus” remains an enigma that piques the curiosity and imagination of many. Will his visions of an extraterrestrial arrival become a reality to be unveiled in the future, or are they simply another example of his enigmatic psychographies? Time will tell.

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